Get’Er Done

Get’Er Done is a thrilling sub-alpine mountain bike trail situated east of Nordegg. Access the trailhead by riding Esprit Road through the southern mountains, reachable from the yellow gated road or 12th-level access.

The trail starts as a quad trail to a lookout. Follow the single track from here to the marked trail start with a slippery, rocky descent. Navigate descents through the forest, featuring narrow, rutted-out chutes, leading to a high-speed clearing with views of Coliseum and surrounding mountains. Continue through a boggy section before concluding with an exhilarating high-speed rip through the trees.

The trail ends at an old logging lot, allowing for a return to town via the Rail Trail.

Distance: 6.6 km

Duration: 2 hrs

Difficulty: Hard

Elevation: 650 m

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