NTS is a registered non-profit society dedicated to advocating for and improving trails in the Nordegg area.

The Nordegg Trail Society (NTS) was established in 2022 with the aim of uniting trail enthusiasts in the Nordegg region to preserve and enhance the local trail network. With the growing popularity of the area, there is a rising need for well-maintained trails. NTS serves as the collective voice of Nordegg, collaborating with both industry and government to strategize, create, and uphold our community’s trail systems.


We aim to unite trail users, fostering collaboration on a trail network that takes into account the diverse needs of all participants.


We adhere to all relevant guidelines and procedures to ensure that progress in trail development is carried out in a manner that minimizes environmental impact.


We invest time and resources wisely in projects that provide the maximum value for the investment. It’s essential to assess how the decisions we make today will influence users in the future.

Board of Directors

The team consists of individuals with diverse backgrounds who either live in Nordegg, own vacation properties in the area, or regularly engage in recreational activities there. Each team member contributes a unique set of skills, collectively representing a broad spectrum of outdoor recreation experiences on the trails of Nordegg.

Annette Svederus


Tom Jordan

Trail Operations

Brad Paras

Treasurer & Web

Shawna Law


Brett Pawlyk

Social Media

Vance Buchwald


Josh Duffy


Ken Larlee


Loyal Ma


Lanny Anderson


Brian Olstad